False Advertisement (1 John 5:1-5)

The Real Pomegranate Blueberry Juice!

The Real Pomegranate Blueberry Juice!

1 John 5:1-5

First let us discuss what a brand is and why it is important to understand this before discussing the claim of False Advertisement. A brand is not the same as a company or a product. Once you’ve reached brand status in the business world you have reached an entirely new level of business. Your company is trusted, used, consumed so much that it actually becomes a word or a verb. Don’t believe me? Google it! You can always skype me if you wanna talk more about it. I haven’t tweeted anything about this just yet…anyway you get the idea… No one says bing it, or yahoo it? Google is the Brand for search engines. The most important thing for a brand to uphold is it’s image. Brand image is the reason Michelin, Goodyear, and Bridgestone can charge you $150-$200 more for a tire than other people. It’s important to not that distorting a brand image can be catastrophic for a company.

This video will also give you insight on Branding.

Objective: Teach the importance of Believing in Christ, Loving People, and Obeying God’s Word in relation to being a Christian.


The supreme court has yet another advertisement law suit. The Brand Pom Wonder is in a legal battle with Coca Cola for their minute maid product called Pomegranate Blueberry for false advertising.


Pom Wonder is outraged, because their sales are being affected because of a cheaper option. After doing some research they found out how Coca Cola managed to get pure Pomegranate juice so cheap. Well it’s very simple. Out of all of the juice that’s in the bottle 0.3 % Pomegranate Juice and 0.2% Blueberry Juice. The rest is 99.5% Apple and Grape juice mix.

Pay attention in the store because this bottle will not be out for long…. Because it’s not Pomegranate Juice.

Pom Wonder is 100% Pomegranate juice and blueberry juice

Coca Cola’s is 0.3% Pomegranate juice and 0.2% Blueberry

Which has the right to call itself Pomegranate and blueberry juice? That answer is obvious.

Let’s Read 1 John 5:1-5

From the text, What can we say are the ingredients that make up a Christian?

1.-Believing and Confessing the Jesus Christ is Lord of your Life. 5:1a

2.-Loving God and other believers 5:1b

3.-Obeying His Word 5:2

If there is one of these ingredients lacking it is a sign that you are not a child of God.  So let’s look are we like Pom wonder or are we like Coca Cola.

Living a life claiming Jesus is our Lord with out love, or obeying his Word is an indication He is not the Lord. The foundation is Believing in Christ, through this Love and Obedience will soon follow.

  1. Believing In Jesus as the Christ and our Lord
    1. This takes internal examination because many say Jesus is Christ and Lord.
    2. Matthew 7:22-23 – They called Jesus Lord He said Depart because I never knew you. You who practice lawlessness.
    3. Use caution when you call yourself a Christian. Because men can do works for the Lord and look good, but still spend an eternity in Hell. This verse isn’t talking about the atheist. It’s talking about the people who claim to know Christ and don’t.
    4. So…How can we know we actually know Jesus? Through our Love and Obedience
  2. Loving God and Loving fellow believers.
    1. John talks about this in verse 1-3

i.    Those who confess Jesus as Christ is Born of God

ii.    Those born of God loves the father

iii.    Those who love the Father love His Children.

  1. A life not filled with Love for His Children or God signifies the view that person has on Jesus. That person may think Jesus is the Christ. But unless it’s followed by Love and Obedience it’s useless. They are merely serving an emblem of a Torture device, because they don’t know Christ.
  2. Love in itself is a commandment, but one of the easiest thing to tell if it’s genuine or not. You can tell when someone is a fake in this area. The other areas are not as evident as love.
  1. Obeying His Commandments
    1. John 14:15- “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.”
    2. If you love God, you WILL keep his commandments. It’s not an option, it’s a direct result of Loving God.
    3. V.4- Being born of God overcomes the world. (Our faith)
    4. Some says they Love God without obeying His Commandments is like a Coca cola’s cheap juice claiming to be Pomegranate juice.



V.5.- Who overcomes the world? The one that believes that Jesus is the Son of God.

John reinstates the importance of all 3 working together, Believing in Christ, Love, and Obedience.

We should be ready and willing to call people out in their hypocrisy. Why? Because it makes us look bad but more importantly it makes Christ look bad.

Pom Wonder took Coca Cola to court because it cheapens their product because it’s claiming to be the same thing. How often do we see this as Christians? People Claim to be Christians but you see their actions…at the end of the day that person makes all Christians look bad.
Ask anyone that doesn’t go to Church what they think of it and you will see what I mean exactly. This is the challenge God has placed before us.

False Advertisement.



  1. Look up what False Advertisement means in the dictionary and make a list of how many way it relates Christianity. Then think of the people you feel are false Christians, and pray for them.
  2. Read 1 John 5
  3. Pray for the people that you feel are false Christians, and examine your own life base on this sermon, and ask God , “Am I a false Christian?”