5 “for’s” about the Gospel (Romans 1:16-18)

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5 “Fors” about the Gospel   (Romans 1:16-18)


  1. For I am not ashamed of the Gospel (v.16).
    1. Truly understanding the placement of this verse gives it a special meaning that most overlook. Paul had just finished his greetings to the Roman Church, a group of Christians he had yet to meet. We have discussed some things Paul has informed the reader of like being a bondservant, an apostle, and his care for those that are in Rome. Now he is saying “I AM NOT ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL!”
    2. Nero was the anti-christian leader of Rome at this time. This was important for them to hear. Rome was crowded with philosophy and esteemed teachings of enlightenment drenched in a wickedness that could not have been far off from the evil that doomed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Nero was a true hater of Christ and His followers. He was named “The first persecutor of Christians”, by early Christian writers like Tertullian and Lactantius. Paul is saying He is not ashamed of the Gospel as an introduction point, an instructional point, and a climactic point-meaning he is building a foundation for introducing the power of the GOSPEL!
    3. Why is it important that Christians not be ashamed of the Gospel?
      1. If we are ashamed of the Gospel, we are ashamed of Christ.
      2. A definition of “Ashamed” is regretful. How can we who claim Christ be regretful.
  • Matthew 10:33 & 2 Timothy 2:12- These verse states the outcome of those who deny Christ.
  1. ILLUSTRATION- If take a piece of white chalk and draw a circle around a goose, it will not leave the circle for fear of crossing the white mark. Another example is, If you go by certain areas of Belton you will see pastures with lots of cattle that do not have fences. But they have small grates for the fence line. Cows will not cross where they can see the bottom.
    1. Like the goose and the cow it seem very foolish to be afraid of a white line or a small ditch with a grate over it but this fear contains these animals with ease. What are some things that make us ashamed of the Gospel?
  2. Personal Example- At work I’m picked on by most of the guys there because of how I responded to two co-workers. Once was I was on break and a guy held up a cell phone and yelled , “Hey look!” I looked just out of reaction and it was a video of a girl in a bathing suit. I knew where it was heading and I turned my head and yelled at the guy, “If you want to cheat on your wife that your business, but I’m not going to sin against God and my wife. You claim Christ but you know nothing of Him!” This was probably 7-8 months ago. The other instance happened earlier this week. A different shoved his phone in front of my face and said, “lookey lookey !” I could just see a picture of a girl in her bathing suit. I grabbed his phone, and told him sternly, “If I have to grab this phone again I’m going to break it.” He saw the seriousness in my face, and tried to ease the awkward tension by laughing it off. I told him, “I wasn’t amused.” He told me I was over reacting. I’ve had talks with this guy before about his faith- He was catholic. I told him he should be ashamed of himself, and asked if I were to insult his wife in public what would he do. He said, “ I would knock the guy out.” I responded, “How can it be an overreaction for me to break your  phone for disrespecting my wife, and you get to knock a guy out?” He said ,”God said it’s okay if I look at pictures as long as I don’t actually cheat on my wife. You take this stuff too serious” I responded, “we shall see on judgment day.” Got up and walked away.
  1. For [the Gospel] is the power of God (v.16).
    1. The Gospel of the power of God for Salvation. To first understand how it is used for salvation let us look at what the power of God is.
    2. The Gospel is the power of God.
      1. What are some examples of God’s power seen in the Bible?
        1. Creation
        2. The Flood
        3. Sodom and Gomorrah
        4. His Sovereign nature seen in the life of Joseph
        5. The Plagues of Egypt
        6. Parting the Red Sea
        7. His Presence alone- As seen in the life of Moses and the Ark of the Covenant.
        8. The Gospel- The birth, life, death, resurrection of Jesus Christ.
      2. Matthew 22:29- Jesus responds to the Sadducees by saying you do not understand Scripture nor the power of God. Having a true understanding of the Scriptures, particularly the Gospel, is to also understand the Power of God. To some extent- We can not fully know the power God has other than saying He is All powerful, and even that doesn’t give him enough credit.
      3. When it says the Gospel is the power of God for Salvation. To help understand it – let’s rephrase it- Jesus is the power of God for salvation.
    3. For Salvation (v. 16)
      1. This is the greatest display of God’s power– to reunite sinful man to Himself once again through Jesus.
      2. God came in the form as man, lived the life as a man, died as a man. But He was still God! Jesus was the flesh of God!
      3. His plan is that all might be saved ( 1 timothy 2:4) to those who believe- to the Jew first and also to the Greek.
      4. Salvation has no discrimination on nationality, skin color, or social class. Chronologically It was the Jews first because they are his Chosen people through whom he ordained salvation to come. But now that Christ has fulfilled the law, the gentiles are now grafted into the Chosen of God!
      5. ALL WHO BELIEVE MAY BE SAVED. ONLY THOSE WHO TRULY BELIEVE WILL BE. Only those who truly believe were chosen. All who are chosen will be Saved.
    4. For in [the Gospel] the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; because it is written the righteous shall live by faith (v.17).
      1. Let’s play a little word game. Are there any man on their own, other than Christ, that has ever existed that is righteous? NO! Romans 3:10- There is none righteous.
        1. Let’s look at Faith– What role does Faith play in salvation? Faith activates the divine power that brings salvation, and in that sovereign act the righteousness of God is revealed. NOTE: Gen 15:6- Abraham believed and it was reckoned to Him as righteousness.
        2. So faith activates the righteousness, but what activates the faith?
  • Ephesians 2:8- By GRACE you have been SAVED through FAITH!
  1. Hebrew 5:9- Jesus Christ our Lord is the Source of our salvation. Which means- If Salvation only comes by Faith, and Salvation comes from Christ, then Faith comes from Christ. How can that be, that doesn’t make sense? BY GRACE!
  2. It’s purely by grace because you can only come to God and have faith in Him unless the Father draws you John 6:44
  1. So how then is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith? How can the righteous live by faith if there are no righteous people?
  2. ANSWER- DAILY DOUBLE! The Gospel is the power of God for salvation, for in the Gospel the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith because the righteous shall live by faith – this only points to a supreme GOD who has a supreme plan. Because (FOCUS TIME) Applying what we learned earlier- We know that to say the righteous shall live by faith = When faith is placed in Christ that activates the divine power that declares them righteous which brings salvation, which only comes Christ, the original point of Faith. All this is done by Grace, because you can only have faith in Christ unless God allows you to.
  3. If someone claims to be a Christian- then they are a righteous person, if they are a righteous person, they shall live by the faith in which they placed in Christ. If they live by faith they should have a life that looks different than those not of the faith(Non believers)
  1. For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness (v.18).
    1. What does this have to do with the Gospel?
    2. This is the outcome of those who deny the Gospel. The thought of a wrathful God is against the seemingly moral god men create in their minds.
    3. I saw a post by an old friend it said, “Why are so many people afraid of change, when they are so content being caterpillars in their cocoons they are missing out on their wings so they can fly.” I responded- “If the change is unblical the wings can send you straight to hell.” He deleted it, and we are currently talking about the meaning of life and God.
    4. Note the wording- the wrath of God is “revealed”. That is a word of already being there. Like revealing a new car, or revealing the new Samsung 14251xsf plum berry IXO plus. The wrath is there we have seen in revealed in scripture on several occasions.
    5. God’s wrath is awaiting to be revealed on the unrighteous who suppress the truth.
      1. There isn’t anything you have to do to be unrighteous. Being born is enough. But a dead giveaway is if you deny Christ you are unrighteous. Denying Christ is denying the Gospel.



In closing let us take a quick look at The Power of the Gospel.

  1. it saves (v.16)
  2. It reveals the righteousness of God (v.17).
  3. It makes possible a life of faith (v.17).
  4. It delivers from the wrath of God (v.18).



P: PRAY 5 minutes a day. You choose when.


O: OBEY- Examine your life and write out your testimony. Be specific. Then once you write it out. Look over it.

– See if you can see a specific point in time where God opened your eyes to your need for Him.

-Was Jesus a part of it, or was it something else…peer pressure, wanted to impress a girl/boy, seemed like the right thing to do, etc… (THIS IS A CRUCIAL PART!)

-After you became a Christian is there a changed life- This will look different for different people but there should be a change. Obeyed parents more, didn’t stab brothers in the arm anymore, stopped cussing, etc… These are all evidences that the Holy Spirit is done a work in you and is doing a work in you.

-If this exercise is troubling to you meaning: You can’t think of anything, or you realize that you really don’t view Jesus that way. Please message, call, text Jeff, Lisa, myself, Paris, or Sydney.


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